• Walk-on and Agenda Bashing
  • Gap Analysis approach


  • LFN Infrastructure Team / Characteristics
    • CI/CD environments hosted by LFN
    • Keeper of artifacts and documents
    • LF has IT organizations provide infrastructure and tools for folks that participate in LF
    • Trevor is member of LF IT but assigned to OPNFV – primary function is to service the OPNFV community
  • All projects are looking into getting CI/CD as a service.
    • Possibly e.g. Azure
    • ONAP and OPNFV actively exploring to enable community to be more self-reliant.
    • For many participants in LFN projects they want full autonomy.
    • Looking to outsource/cloudsource CI/CD pipeline.
  • OPNFV on 6 month cadence
  • Action Items
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