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CNTT_Weekly_Goverance - Final (FIX input 30Oct2019).pptx

CNTT_Status_2019-10-30_Technology Status & Update.pdf



  • Walk-On Items
  • Housekeeping
  • GSMA & LFN Updates

    • (Jisu & Heather)
  • Governance Workstreams
    • Release & Lifecycle Management - we are still light here, looking for additional to help lead and contribute  (Jonathan)

  • Technology Status (Walter + WSLs)

    • Snezka Release - High-Level Roadmap (Rabi - Next Week)

    • RM

    • RA1

    • RA2

    • RI1

    • RC1

  • CNTT - CNCF TUG F2F Planning (Gerg0)
  • Prague F2F Planning (Rick, Jim, Jonathan)
    • Beginning to develop plans, the venue is fairly large and will likely be able to have breakouts as needed
    • Hack Sessions Overview from Jim


  • Walk-On Items
  • GSMA & LFN
  • Governance Workstreams
  • Technology Status 
    • RM - updates needed from Rabi Abdel and Weitao Gao
    • RA1 - issues have been assigned but not fully reflected in the preso
    • RA2 - a lot of good work here, mainly addressing architectural requirements right now which are priority and coming along well
      • Not much happening with Dev upstream yet
    • RI1 - How to leverage documentation for different implementations and architectures have specific lifecycle components (OpenStack)
    • RI1 have had a deployment (using Airship). A lot of develop activities are happening right now. 
    • RI1 New name for CNTT-RI project is CIRV
      •  "OPNFV project renamed from CNTT-RI to Common Infrastructure Realization & Validation (CIRV)". No change in output, goals, or objectives, just a rename to a) avoid confusion w/ the RI workstream, and b) also position OPNFV long term for RI/RC deliveries.
    • Intel and other partners planning performance evaluations for network and compute intensive profiles–and working on roadmap items
    • Walter suggests walk thru/demo of lab deployment
    • Have Fu Qiao / Mike give a deep dive preso of RI and RC
    • AI - Qiao Fu Michael Fix (AT&T) let governance know when ready to give healthy update on RI and RC and we'll schedule extended time box during governance call
      • What have you done? Where are you going? What have you learned?
  • AI - Jonathan Beltran Send out CNCF TUG link to list services to attend KubeCon NA 2019 and link to Brainstorming agenda items
  • Summer 2020 is message for when CNTT is targeting ready to certify VNFs 
    • RA2 has potential to radically change CNCF approach
  • Prague F2F Planning
    • Registration link is up for Prague F2F Planning
    • Hack session traditionally held and sponsored by OPNFV. OPNFV call the "Plugfest". Remote access to equipment/systems
    • Gather technical experts to work through issues.
    • VNF hacking session being put together by Lincoln Lavoie to go thru OVP program and gain badging. Program continues on. Telcos should encourage Partners to show up and start 
      • What would be the intent to make it meaningful, goals, intents, etc.?
      • Smaller carriers will be looking to folks like SUSE, etc. and other partners might come in and produce their own 
        • To get touch / feel on a commercial. (see link in minutes for example of hacking track).
      • Could RI / RC have a commercially viable RA 1 ready for Prague?
      • See link to the currently planned session above.
      • Really focused on VNF vendor outreach.
      • AI Rick Tennant  F2F Planning team needs to have specific use cases.
      • Oppty is for CNTT to create it's own track for similar purposes.
      • Really have a good understanding of what the outcome should be.  Should it be a piece of test code?  A prototype certification process? Who drives it?  I think combination of the the operators and the vendor partners.
      • Questions is will RI and RC have enough depth to take advantage of it to build e.g. RA1. Will we be far enough along?
      • CNTT effort should build upon OVP/
      • Per Jim Baker - One focus can be to for CNTT to add additional qualification testing as a 'beta'
  • Nick Chase (Marketing and Comms WSL) - if have events that have significant technical impacts please let Nick Chase know. Tracking down folks on who mentioned Airship and StarlingX.

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