The LFN SPC was approved on May 15, 2019 as a committee of the Governing Board.  The SPC has the dual role of helping to set the strategy for LFN portfolio of projects as a whole and providing Projects visibility into the directions of the Governing Board. As with all GB committees the SPC only provides recommendations and guidance to the Governing Board.  It is the GB that has the ultimate decision making authority regarding those recommendations.

Committee Charter

Committee Roster

Requirements of SPC Members

  • SPC members can expect to attend a 1 hour standing meetings and 1-2 hours of working sessions a month per member consisting of:
    • Attending a one hour per TAC project per quarter
    • addition SPC internal/planning meetings that may be needed
    • Once a quarter meeting with the TAC on LFN portfolio guidance
    • Once every quarter before GB meetings to prepare an agenda item for the GB
    • Mailing list discussion between meetings
    • Face-to-face meeting with TAC/TSCs when possible and needed (e.g. at ONS when both SPC and TAC are present)

SPC Community Documents

SPC Working Documents (members only)

2023 Meeting Minutes

2023 LFN KPIs Tracker

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