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  • Next Steps for the Taskforce
  • Do we continue APAC friendly meeting?
  • General Topics
    • ONE Summit and D&TF Recap
    • AI White paper followup
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Pending Action Items

Minutes/Talking Points

  • Where does the Taskforce go from here?
    • Input from Ranny:
      • Develop sugestions for the TAC and board
    • Input from Muddasar:
      • At D&TF, there was a suggestion that we should communicate with LFN Project TSCs (directly or via TAC) to form their own assessments for AI driven use cases for their projects.  For wider knowledge and insight sharing it was suggested that TAC meeting can be used.  Perhaps team can discuss this further.

        I suggest like Super Blueprint, we need to create a confluence site for AI in LFN.  We need to create a way to submit, or report use cases.  Perhaps existing 5G SBP templates can be reviewed/enhanced to repurpose for AI use cases.

A Mailer should be established, not sure how active chats are in LFN, but we can also investigate creating chat communication channel for AI as well on SLACK.

    • Andrew Toth- Sylva, Nephio looking down the AI path and interplay between Sylva and Nephio.
      • Next Step connect with Andrew and then TSC of both projects. Andrew to invite to the next 1500 UTC meeting.
    • Arash suggests re-assessing and connecting on AI Use Cases LFN AI Taskforce Use Cases and Assets. Focus on Telco Use Cases. The 1st Whitepaper has Teleco Use Cases

    • Beth- engage with ORAN Alignance. Sylva, Nephio also woorking ORAN Alignance
    • Is this taskforce a central body to pull together the various AI initiatives wihin other LF teleco related communities?
    • Connect with LF AI group ( Top priority
    • The team feels we are not at the point to desolve the Taskforce as we have several avenues to explore.

  • Do we continue APAC friendly meeting
    • Keep the meeting for the time being.

  • Upcoming Meetings:
    • 0200 UTC
    • 1500 UTC (Juneteenth, US holiday. Cancel)

  • Any Other Business