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Santhosh FernandesWalmart
Daniel HaveyMicrosoft
Eric TiceWipro
Charles Liu Walmart
Dhivya R Walmart
Jay Sheth Walmart
Rohith R Walmart
chaitanya lala Microsoft
Dave Thaler Microsoft

LF Staff: LJ Illuzzi



  • PRs:
    • golang version #114 - needs review
    • dev env scriot #44
      • close #42
  • update release process #36
    • Merge other PR with the todo in it then delete the todo and merge this one
  • If there is no perf impace: Building inside containers is the preferred way to go.
  • Bump github # 125
    • Bump to golang 1.18
  • Update release process: #44
    • Tests running in Github are slim
    • Script is not tested in CI/CD
    • Can the Github CI/CD run the script?
      • there are several other scripts that should run in CI/CD as well
    • File seperate github issues for this
    • Just grab the latest build artifact instead of building on local machine?
      • You don't have to build L3AFd to run L3AFd. this PR or a separate one
    • Build L3AFd as a static binary?
      • Yes
  • eBPF programs built for faocal, need changes to run on Jammy
  • Dev environment tests also based on focal
    • Add to script and do a pre env check. If it's less than focal then stop.
  • What is the dependency?
    • Build eBPF progs have issues. L3AFd builds
    • have to modify some dependencies
    • Haven't been testing
  • Target date for release:
    • Close all PRs this week
    • Target Oct. 25th
  • Website (.io) support - use netlify self managed - follow the way that is doing this
    • how does ONAP's website work?
      • Creative services - create ticket for update
      • Choices are: 
        • DIY
        • Have creati
  • Last week:
  • Dave went through eBPF windows release process (
  • Reviewed PR list above