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Daniel HaveyMicrosoft
Dhivya RWalmart
Rohith RWalmart
Jason NieszWalmart
Charles LiuWalmart
Jay ShethWalmart

LF Staff: LJ Illuzzi


  • LF Antitrust Policy

  • Meeting note taker

  • Welcome to new attendees

  • Release Management

  • LFN 2023 Budget Cycle
  • General Topics (cover as needed)

    • Use Cases

    • Roadmap

    • Project structure

      • Governance

      • Technical Steering Committee


Release Management Consultation- The presentation collateral from 08/24 and 08/31 have been posted to the L3AF Wiki: Release Management

  • Community input by 09/16
  • Should we do the remaining 30 mins of release management presentation?
    • Dave: Perhaps the slides are sufficient.
    • Jason: +1, Santhosh +1, Lj +1
  • L3AF Release Manager. 2 preferable
    • Santhosh, Jason, Dhivya to serve as Release Managers
  • Overall status of release:
    • eBPF for Windows - on roadmap, not in current release
    • On Windows all the tests pass
      • However, L3af does not work on Windows
      • Need to build up tests - must precede coincide with L3AF for windows
  • L3AFd release: mTLS support:
    • No specific dependency on Linux distro(?)
    • Supporting libbpf core - taking offline
  • Release Planning:
    • Assign names or just use numbers
    • Exotic trees(?)
    • Chala: Go with numbers
    • Semver 2.0:
      • Start with 1.0 - backwards compat required until next major release number.
    • API version -schema definition
    • We will start with 1.0
    • eBPF package repository
      • Nothing is changed, but we should have a release
      • We will start with 1.0, however there is no requirement that they be the same
    • Release notes and documentation
      • Need to get started on draft this week
      • Docs were completed as we went
      • Added 2 new APIs
      • Best practices, examples
      • Update swagger docs
      • package repo does not need specific docs for eBPF progs

LFN 2023 Budget Cycle

  • Participate in the mentorship program?
  • Blob storage
    • What subscription level do we need?
    • Need some infrastructure as well
  • IT support
    • We are on the LFX platform
  • site
    • We can self-manage it - would have to have a person to manage it.
    • uses netlify - generates previews on each PR

Action Items

Future Agenda Items