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EventDatesRelative DatesStart Relative DatesDescription
Release Start2022-06-29Start DateStart Date

Declare Intention.

For new projects whose feature not covered in Projects page, submit Project Proposals in wiki under projects.

For potential projects whose features already discussed as release 1 candidate in Projects page, submit  Project Proposals and clarify covered features in Projects page.

Initial Checkpoint2022-07-1312Start Date + 2 WeeksStart Date + 2 Weeks

Initial Checkpoint. All Projects must have completed project proposal.

For new projects whose feature not covered in  Projects page, apply for TSC review through . Relationship with existing features and projects should be clarified.

For potential projects whose features already discussed as release 1 candidate in Projects page, send email of project proposal to

Integrated Projects deadline

(Optional for first release)

2022-07-2726Initial Checkpoint + 2 WeeksStart Date + 4 WeeksAs this is the first release, this is the period for each project to confirm the version of the projects they want to integrate.  This is the deadline for the confirmation. (For release 1, there is no previous xgvela version to be integrated, each project would list their own integration reliance and make sure the projects to be integrated can work normally)
Middle Checkpoint2022-09-2120Integrated projects deadline + 8 weeksStart Date + 12 WeeksMiddle Checkpoint for progress of all Projects.
Code Freeze2022-10-1918Middle checkpoint + 4 WeeksStart Date + 16 WeeksCode freeze for all Projects - cut and lock release branch. 
Final Checkpoint2022-11-1615Code Freeze + 4 WeeksStart Date + 20 WeeksFinal Checkpoint for all project. Documentation should be completed before final checkpoint.
Formal Release2022-11-3029Final checkpoint + 2 WeeksStart Date + 22 WeeksFormal Release for XGVela.