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Daniel HaveyMicrosoft



LF Staff: LJ IlluzziPranab Bajpai



  • LFx Security Overview and Getting Started
    • June 15th completion date
    • Going to vote on whether to use LFX or not.
      • Vote: 3 yes. Passed.
    • Go is supported, C and C++ are not supported.
  • LFN Status of storage for storing eBPF package repository artifacts
    • package repo: UI, review board comments.
      • Need to build an app.
      • Will need a VM for this to run.
      • Just the storage is $5/month
        • No VM expenses
      • How far along in the timeline till we need VMs?
        • Need to do some design to understand how many VMs.
      • Recommend: AKS
    • Projection for growth?
    • We need to see the cost of the whole thing.
      • This is what we are trying to build, this is what it will cost...
      • Is there a doc on this?
      • If not, we need to write one.
        • With an arch diagram
        • Requirements, etc.
    • Does LFN have compute capacity?
    • TLS support needs blob storage.
    • Full arch needs doc
  • PR #19
    • Requested review - approved.
  • PR #53
    • Why do generated files need to be checked in?
      • They don't. Will rewrite the Makefile to generate the file on the fly.
  • PR #17
    • Second step in getting l3AF funning on Windows
    • xdp_root program and app are building
    • Makefile vs Cmake lists.
    • Needs reviewers

Action Items

Future Agenda Items

  • Proposal that the community receive an overview on license and export compliance scan tools. Queue this up for 04/20?