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LFX directly supports projects and empowers open source developers to write better, more secure code and grow sustainable ecosystems.

LFX Components: 

  • Insights: identify opportunities to grow your community and monitor open source ecosystem trends, compare projects and easily understand project health.
  • Security: Instill trust with complete code security. and enable developers to identify and resolve vulnerabilities quickly and easily.
  • Organization Dashboard: Free up your time to focus on what matters most to your project and automate project operations so you can focus on getting the work done.
  • Individual Dashboard: Build your personal community profile, manage credentials and contact details, display badges for completing certifications and other accomplishments.
  • EasyCLA: The only tool to support both individual and corporate CLA workflows to enforce contribution policies.
  • MentorshipInvest in new talent and diversity to help the entire open source community thrive and help train the next generation of open source developers.
  • CrowdfundingRaise money for your projects easily, quickly, and transparently. Crowdfunding projects receive 100% of donations and manage their own funds.
  • Member Enrollment: Join the community with streamlined registration forms, automated contract execution, and a seamless onboarding experience.
  • Training PortalProvides individuals and organizations with a self-serve, unified console to participate, track, and manage training and certification needs.

LFX for Project Members:

  • LFX pulls in data from a variety of sources that help paint a more holistic picture of open source community engagement and activity.
  • The LFX data engine then allows users to query and visualize this data with dashboards, charts, directories and other well-known data constructs.
  • The LFX Platform uses APIs and custom connectors to unify a suite of useful tools and functionality, creating a single place where the key persona of open source can perform the bulk of their work.
  • LFX also enables user-defined automated workflows and processes to eliminate the manual work common to managing open source.

LFX for Project Leaders:

  • Organize governance resources
  • Manage a project’s financial operations including membership tiers, pricing, billing, and accounting
  • Set up code and version release pipelines with a selection of CI/CD tools
  • Centralize management of all project IT services

LFX for Maintainers:

  • Focus on what really matters: Contributing good code.
  • Monitor project health and sustainability, maintain operations and identify where you should be focusing your resources.
  • Track key metrics like code commits and PR’s, lines of code, build and release pipelines, issues and efficiency, key contributors and bottlenecks.
  • Build secure code from the ground up and employ best practices.
  • Recruit and attract new developers.
  • Manage your marketing efforts to drive project adoption and growth.

LFX for Project Developers:

  •  Focus on what really matters: Contributing good code.
  • Measure your impact across the entire ecosystem.
  • Identity Management: Aggregate the various aliases and usernames from across systems to ensure you get credit for all your contributions while controlling your data.
  • Showcase badges, training and certifications history, and accomplishments in one central location.
  • Community Participation History: Track your event involvement. See past events you’ve attended, manage registrations for upcoming events, and watch event livestreams and recordings.

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  • LFX For Leaders Deck: Get a detailed view of LFX what the LFN Community and its projects can do to leverage it:  (INSERT LINK)

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