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Thurs 01/13, 12noon to 12:30 ET

30m, @Poorna Gaddehosur,30m 8:15am ET, Daniel Havey 

Topic Overview

In this presentation we will introduce the Windows for eBPF project. We will discuss in detail the architecture and current state of the project. We will discuss what is under current development in the Windows for eBPF GitHub project and our focus on inclusive, open source and cross-platform development. This presentation is an open invitation for participation to any and all developers who wish to contribute. Details will be given during the presentation. And as time permits we will show a couple of eBPF for Windows demos.

Slides & Recording


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Live Interactive Session

Link to slides:

Link to demo video: eBPF-for-windows demo with bind() hook · Discussion #706 · microsoft/ebpf-for-windows (

Link to code: ebpf-for-windows/tools at master · microsoft/ebpf-for-windows ( (under port_leak and port_quota)

Recording of talk: L3AF: eBPF for Windows and Cross Platform eBPF programs


  • Inclusive, open source and cross-platform development philopsophy.
  • Architecture
  • Current state of the project
  • What is under development.
  • Demos and questions


Daniel Havey

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