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  • Secure network slicing discussion. Timestamp: 18:07
    • Ops 5G program has a separate technical area working on secure network slicing. Michael August has lead.
    • Technical schema details and feature/roadmap alignment discussed between DARPA Ops 5G and Magma.

  • AI’s/Takeaways:

    • Overview on admission control and session management schema in Magma. Can Suresh provide the slides?
    • Develop a prioritized list of security concerns for slicing that would be/could be implemented in Magma.
    • Michael August can provide slides slicing security overview planned for DARPA Ops 5G.
    • Slack channel under Magma Slack dedicated to slicing and slicing security: #project-5g-slicing ( The team would like the discussion to proceed here.
    • Further discussion on Magma architecture and requirements around RAN with Hardik/GenXComm.