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  • Issue with Technical Charter  - TSC Composition
  • Address TSC Growth criteria
  • Address PTL - Suggested at least Core and UI to start with
  • We were asked to articulate positioning- Call for use cases and derive clearer message on Edge positioning
    • Open Horizon, and Baetyl positioning

Review Draft Board slide (Louis)


More Use Cases listed- Positioning of EMCO


Bob and Louis will work offline to propose changes to correct mismatch on Technical Charter with current TSC makeup. 

We will bring up the topics of PTLs at a future meeting. 

Oleg from Equinix did propose a use case from an Akraino BP and will overview this at a future meeting- Bob to schedule and post a link in Use Case Wiki page. 

Bob asked other participants who have been evaluation and using EMCO, or anyone with ideas about use cases for EMCO, please add a link /doc on use cases on the same Use Case WIki page. 

We reviewed the LFN Board Slide Louis will need to present to LFN Gov Board in next 2 weeks. 

Several changes were recomended, and Bob will add a reference to Intel donated lab resources. 

Igor went over an extensive demo of the usability and features of GitLab Issues and JIRA to give the TSC a better idea of the pros and cons. We ran out of time but will continue the discussion next meeting. 

Seed code scan feedback:

There are six files in emco-base with Intel "confidential / proprietary" notices that should be remediated. These are: