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Candidate Statement

Jill ExampleImaginart_Inc 

Started finger painting as a young child, then moved into watercolors and acrylics.

Now I create wonderful art with hot dog cart condiments.

As the chairperson of the EUAG, we would have exciting topics at every meeting and at the ONES events, we would have ice cream! I could demonstrate how to use diced onions and mustard to make beautiful sunsets.
Lei HuangChina Mobile
  • Self Intro: Lei Huang is a Researcher in AI and Intelligent Operation R&D Center at China Mobile Research Institute. She is member of open source and industry promotion team in CMRI and is currently in charge of open source and standards related work, focus areas include automated testing and accelerated hardware resource management.
  • EUAG work experience: In the past year of work, I worked as chairman of EUAG in the past year, in charge of managing EUAG's daily work including EUAG meetings, reports, survey, white papers, etc. For better broadening CSPs industry influence, she has done many efforts in the past year, include:
  1. Investigate and collect CSPs requirements, in this past year, our members are interested in 5G, SDN, NFV automated testing, AI/ML. For meeting our members  demands, I've helped organize relevant topic disucssion, technology sharing, community collaboration, survey investigation, and tried to put our efforts into white papers.  Which has also broaden our CSPs influence in the industry.
  2.  Build collaboration with more open source communities, on the basis of maintaining cooperation with ONAP, have expanded the community cooperation to Anuket, CVC and other communities. At the same time, this year we've also promoted AI data & model sharing project through cooperation with TAC, and promoted the cooperation between operators and vendors in the field of AI. And which is the topic of most interest to industry and CSPs.
  3.  Promoted EUAG key projects in industry meetings, such as LFN DTF, Webinar, etc.  Expand the industry influence of operators.
  4.  Organized and contibuted in several EUAG surveys, including ONAP consumption model survey , automated testing survey, AI/ML survey, SDN survey, etc. And promoted relevant anlysis and white papers, including ONAP Consumption Model White Paper, NFV Testing White Paper, AI/ML White Paper, etc.
  5.  Helped CSPs solve interoperability problems, such as SDO alignment, collaborative work,etc.

  I think EUAG is fantastic platform for operators to fully understand open source organizations dynamics, and can help achieve a good open source ecosystem with many operators in the community and solve operators’ common issues.

 To begin with, I would like to express my sincere appreciation for our EUAG members' support in the past year and cannot be more proud of what we have achieved as a community. 

 If could be elected as chairman again, I will continue strengthen the collaborative work between EUAG with other open source organizations and projects, acts as ambassador to the variety of communities and organizations we work with. Regularly share with EUAG fantastic topics of various open source organizations and projects at every meeting. And help build better open source ecosystem to solve the common issues of operators, further expand the influence of EUAG in open source ecosystem and entire industry. Specifically, I will combine my work experience in EUAG and bring you the following work plan:

  1. In terms of this year's work experience in EUAG, I will continue my working ideas, investigate and understand the difficulties and requirements of CSPs, and truly solve difficulties and issues from the perspective of CSPs , and better improve management way according to CSPs common demands.
  2. Continue to strengthen collaboration and communication with various open source communities. Through the level of TSC in open source community, the requirements and common issues from CSPs will be better fed back to each open source community. 
  3. Combining the CSP's work priorities and interested industry organization topics, I’ll bring more interesting topics and important scenarios such as AI/ML, 6G, etc. I will try my best to help everyone understand the current industry trends they are interested in, and help CSPs who have difficulties in participating and deploying some particular open source platform to solve their truly and practical problems.
  4. Through industry white papers, survey, analysis and other possible way to transform CSP’s requirements, concerns, experience, priorities to industry concerns, industry experience, industry priorities, etc. Thereby expanding the influence of EUAG in open source ecosystem and entire industry.
  5. Continue to help CSPs solve interoperability problems, such as SDO alignment, collaborative work,etc.
  6. And many more

   My blueprint is huge, and work plan is not limited to the above points. At the same time, I will continue to optimize my management ideas by listening to the voice from EUAG members , and bring you a more influential EUAG. Please look forward to my performance in this year!

Beth Cohen


In my role at Verizon, I develop Software Defined Network and Edge products by leveraging the Verizon global network.  I has been responsible for the launch of several successful products including Secure Cloud Interconnect, which allows companies to connect to public cloud services over private networks, and Virtual Network Services, which is a market leading SDN product. She is also an active participant in the Open Source community, holding leadership roles with the LF Networking Anuket project, and is a founder and co-lead of the OpenStack Foundation Edge Working Group.

I has been involved in cutting edge technology since my days at BBN, the pioneering inventor of the Internet, where I created some of the earliest managed network services products and worked on early iterations of standards for IPSEC and multi-cast network protocols.

As part of my responsibilities in support of Verizon's SDN strategy, I am very active in several Open Source groups and projects.  I have been driving the Edge Computing Open Source community, since its inception -- sparked by my keynote presentation of the Verizon Virtual Network Services product at the 2015 Boston OpenStack Summit.  I was part of the team that wrote the OpenStack Architecture book, and have written and published many whitepapers on the various leading technology topics.

Most recently, I am Verizon's leading representative on Anuket, a joint effort by the Linux Foundation - Networking (LFN) and the GSMA, a telecom advocacy group, that is creating a common infrastructure platform model and architecture to support the development of cloud enabled Virtual Network Functions (VNF) that will be used across the Telecom Operators and their supporting vendors.

I started my IT career as an IT manager and computer specialist with a difference. I also happen to be a NCARB certified Registered Architect. 

When I am not working on creating new technologies and products for Verizon, I also teach college level IT security courses, something I have been doing since 2002.

While I have been a member of the EUAG group for a number of years, I think that it is time for the EUAG to reexamine its mission to make sure it is in full alignment with the other LFN projects and other Open Source and standards groups.  

Over the past few years the group has been primarily focused on more pure research and less concerned with gathering and synthesizing user requirements to represent the Telecom Operators' perspectives to the ONAP, Anuket, Anuket Assured, LFN Edge and other projects that want and need the Telecom voice to be included in their conversations and project goals.

While research and position papers certainly has their place, it is by no means the only things that the EUAG can and should be doing.  I would like to see the group be more proactive with the LFN projects, have a more public facing presence in the LFN and Telecom Community in general, and build on its strengths as a unified voice for Telecom Operators.

As the EUAG chair, I would work with the members to build on our already considerable resources to strengthen the group's message and presence within LFN and the general Open Source Communities.

EUAG is made up of representatives from a cross section of the world's leading Telecoms, let us take advantage of that fact to make sure our voices  and interests are heard loud and clear.

Results: Beth Cohen elected.