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NoFeature NamePTL ContactModulesPriorityShort Description
10Fault Management
new1Collecting alarm data from NF, storing alarm data, making fault analysis and report outcomes.
11Configuration Management
new2Manages NF-level configurations, including configuration version management, configuration file management, NF configuration, etc. 
12Topology Management
TMaaS1Provide NF-level topology.
13Telemetry Framework Layer
Prometheus, EFK1Mostly integration of Prometheus for metrics, EFK for logs, etc.
14NF Heartbeat Management
new1Monitoring heatbeat of NF and reporting alarms according to predefined policies.
15Zero Touch Provisioning




2GitOps based basedTele framework for zero touch provisioning of the cluster and workloads using Helm
16Hardware abstraction

  1. Smart NICS
  2. FPGA
  3. Crypto Acceleration


  1. Life Cycle Manager - OLM
  2. Machine Config Operator
  3. Node Tuning Operator
  4. Cluster Network Operator
  5. SCTP Enablement
  6. PTP operator
  7. Helm Operator
  8. RAN Operator
  9. Cluster Logging Operator

K8S operators that are needed to tune the platform for Telco operations