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Feature(s) NamePTL ContactModulesPriorityShort Description
3 Node HA Model
OKD13 Node HA Kubernetes environment with OKD - Release 4.10
Single Node 
OKD1Single Node Kubernetes Environment with OKD - Release 4.10
Target DC - Edge Model with Remote worker or Single Node environment

1?2Has Impact on power, devices and location for documentation framing for the workloads and not on the actual software
Target DC Mode - Core

1Documentation consideration
Hardware Configuration


Device Plugin

CPU, Memory, Server Vendor, NIC and GPU (Huifeng Le smart nics)

Lab and servers–anuket lab?

PaaS Platform

Kubernetes v1.23


Operating System

OVN Kubernetes


Cloud Credential Operator

Cluster Authentication Operator

Cluster Autoscaler Operator

Cluster Cloud Controller Manager Operator

Cluster Config Operator

Cluster CSI Snapshot Controller Operator

Cluster Image Registry Operator

Cluster Machine Approver Operator

Cluster Monitoring Operator

Cluster Samples Operator

Cluster Storage Operator

Cluster Version Operator

Console Operator

DNS Operator

etcd cluster Operator

Ingress Operator

Insights Operator

Kubernetes API Server Operator

Kubernetes Controller Manager Operator

Kubernetes Scheduler Operator

Kubernetes Storage Version Migrator Operator

Marketplace Operator

OpenShift API Server Operator

OpenShift Controller Manager Operator

Operator Lifecycle Manager Operators

OpenShift Service CA Operator

vSphere Problem Detector Operator

Service Mesh

Dev Ops Pipeline