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What the Super Blueprint is not

  • It is not a product; however, a blueprint may contain image files, scripts, documentation, etc. to allow it to be duplicated in an end-user environment.
  • It is not a project in the sense that ONAP, MAGMA, Akraino, Anuket, K8s,  etc., are top level chartered projects; it is a proof of concept and integration across multiple open source projects and multiple company products of how to create something end-to-end using open source.
  • It is not a commercial distro.
  • It does not prove-out all non-functional requirements such as security, reliability, etc., unless the community adds a use case and resources for that specific purpose. 
  • It is not an endorsement of any specific participating organization; it is an exercise in building a solution. 
  • It does not prove-out full SDO compliance.