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The vote for the CVC chair and vice-chair positions will be taken as a single Condorcet vote.  The top ranked candidate will be selected as a chair, while the second ranked candidate will be selected as the vice-chair.  Nominees must be employees of LFN member companies. The voting period will be 1 week.


AffiliationNominatorNomination Statement
Nomination AcceptedEligible?
Sam Pull Works with PhoneCompanySelfI like badges and hope to create many 
<LF staff review>
Marc PriceMATRIXX SoftwareOlivier Smith

Marc Price, CTO of MATRIXX Software, is a recognized telecommunications expert.  He has held pivotal roles in the establishment of competitive carriers, the real-time charging model, digital transformation, and more recently the shift to cloud native practices.  For almost thirty years, Marc has helped drive industry-changing technology into the market and helped service providers achieve business success. In his current role, Marc leads MATRIXX’s strategic technology direction and engagement.  Marc is also a sought-after speaker for worldwide conferences including MWC, Big 5G, 5G Asia and FutureCom.  He is a member of the Forbes Technology Council and a regular contributor to the Forbes Technology column.  Marc has also published numerous articles in leading telecoms industry publications.

With the arrival of 5G, the telecommunication industry is embarking on the most significant technology and architectural shift since the advent of 1G.  An entire ecosystem of innovative vendors and service providers are looking to harness and validate cloud-native best practices and open source technologies.  Executed well, the charter of Anuket Assured will serve this purpose by promoting, validating, and evolving an ecosystem of Cloud Native Network Functions.  As such, I believe Marc is well suited to leverage his commercial, open-source, and technology acumen to lead the Anuket Assured activities to success.  Therefore, I nominate Marc Price as Vice-Chair for Anuket Assured.