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  • Code type: major delivery of a code-type project is code and document. It has one or a group of related functions functional codes (considering donators’ opinion). Projects targeting on integrations are considered code-type as well.
  • Doc type: major delivery of a doc-type project is only document. Mostly requirement doc, architecture doc for the entire platform or a group of platform users.

2.3.3. Project Lifecycle

For XGVela follows the LFN Project Lifecycle process; found here: LFN Project Lifecycleprojects, it means internal projects under XGVela community. It follows the following lifecycle procedure.


Project StateState Summary
noneProject does not exist or exists outside of LFN - including unfunded LF projectsXGVela.
SandboxAprrovedProject is reviewed and admitted to LFN but does not have direct funding from LFN. The intent is to enable new projects to gain visibility and participate in the LFN with minimal impact on existing projects until they are ready for a subsequent state.
IncubationProject has matured beyond sandbox and may receive funding (while not impacting TAC projects) but does not yet have a representative on the TAC.
TAC ProjectProject is granted TAC representation.
XGVela. A team who wants to establish a new project under XGVela should follow Project Proposals guide.
ArchivedProject is no longer active.

To move from one state to the next state, the Project Team has to propose to TSCs about their moving-up goals, project data, and request for formal review discussion. TSC will vote on project state change.

From StateTo StateTAC ReviewBoard Review
noneSandboxLFN Entry Review Quarterly Health ReviewLFN Entry Review
SandboxIncubationIncubation ReviewIncubation Review
IncubationTSCTSC Admission ReviewTAC Admission Review
TSCIncubationIncubation Reversal ReviewArchivedArchival ReviewnoneLFN Exit ReviewLFN Exit Review

2.4. Project Review

XGVela follows the LFN Project Lifecycle process which includes the Project Review Process, and can be found here: LFN Project Lifecycle