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  • Welcome Deck
  • Operator / Biz Deck (Beth)
  • Project / Technical Deck (Georg Gergely)
  • Press Deck
  • Master Pitch Deck (a combo of all) ONGOING

Press ReleaseStatus / timing reviwew

Draft under development. Will share Monday or Tuesday next week with companies pending quotes. Exec level quotes preferred but it's up to the contributing companies. 

Attention grabbers?

Launch Quotes

Bob is leading the outreach to key community members / executives for supporting quotes. Need quotes by End of Next Week. 

Status Review: Shared Doc: 


How to get visibility / buy in on recruitment plan?

Evolve Overview Deck to a Pitch Deck. Create a Sub-committee for outreach specifically. Anuket Ambassadors?

OVP Brand Evolution

Jim needing proposal for CVC/OVP. Suggest Anuket MWG to develop a position on OVP Brand Evolution. Post Launch, OPNFV brand will be largely defunct. Need a proposal for the community to respond to. 

Initial Recommendation: Translate OVP into AVP (and build other project/org support (e.g. ONAP, CNCF, GSMA) into supporting messaging. "Anuket Assured"? 

Develop a proposal for CVC.