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Deep-dive presentations: (10-12 minutes)Outreach Made?Confirmed?Sent Follow Up Email w/ instructions?Scheduled Date of Recording?Video Complete?EmailsNotes
Welcome, overview, merger background, brand story, High level vision: 
Operator-focused Business Drivers: Beth + other operator (STC?)Yes?NoNoTBDNo

STC rep?

Has outreach been made to STC?
Technical Project Deep Dive (Nick to help with deck): Georg and GergelyYesYesNoTBDNo

Mid-length Group Perspective Videos (5-6 minutes)

Pan Community Group 1 (Thematic) 

We need to line ups for each and make outreach today.

Pan Community Group 2 (Thematic)

We need to line ups for each and make outreach today.
TSC Chairs: Al and WalterYesYesNoTBDNo

Board sponsors: Jonne and Vincent and Dr. Feng 


Have we confirmed with Dr. Feng yet?
Interview: Arpit + Mr. DuanYesNoNoTBD

Mr. Duan (can work through Fu Qiao:

Added this one after the call with China Mobile.
Industry Analyst Perspective: Caroline Chappell, Analysis MasonYesYesNo9/21, 9:00 - 10:00 AM
Short high-level exec endorsements (30-60 sec)

Andre Fuetsch

YesYesNoTBDNoAndre Email? Work through Scot Steele:

Chris Price

Sandra Rivera?
Mr. Duan?NoNoTBDNoMr. Duan (can work through Fu Qiao:

Jehanne Savi

Priyanka Sharma?