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9.5 Automation

9.5.1 Cloud Infrastructure LCM Automation ( including Platform Software and CI/CD)  

End-2-End understanding of what type of automation ought to be done on what layers and includes


  • Physical network cabling detection and supervision
  • L2, L3 and QoS Automation of Server NIC Network Assignment and Switch Fabric Network Assignment based on HW Provisioning in the HW Infrastructure Layer
  • Partitioning, provisioning, enforcement of Overlay switching shared resources e.g. VLAN and VxLAN software development CI/CD


for infrastructure (not workloads) – Saad

what are the components of "infrastructure software": provisioning and configuration of the infrastructure (servers, network and storage; operations and management software)

Telco DevOps is still not mature within context of Telco infrastructure and service primarily due to reason that software in Telecom is primarily provided by vendors with operators almost no clear visibility about the software constructs itself , it means only Infrastructure and Networking Automation can not automate complete service .  

... Identify "Closed Loop Automation" as a Gap in Ch10 – Done (PR #2123 -need reviews)



Software onboarding automation (including CI/CD). Owner: Walter Kozlowski


Software onboarding automation - the scope for RM is to describe support only but leave the details to RA/RI; Walter Kozlowski to open PR

The Cloud Infrastructure workload onboarding process describes activities needed for the integration of tenants' workloads into the Cloud Infrastructure environment. Typically, this business process consists of the following key phases: