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Topic: CNTT Governance Steering
Date: Oct 1, 2020 07:56 Central Time (US and Canada)

Meeting Recording:



  • Anti-Trust Policies:
  • Walk-on Items

    • Adjusting of Governance Steering Call to 30 Minutes, and use of the additional 30 minutes as the OC standup, No dissent, Scot Steele will schedule accordingly.
  • Field Trials Update Scot Steele (AT&T) 2 min
    • Some Issues slowign down the qualitative part of the Field trial. Orange is close to announcing success, Mirantis is nealy complete, AT&T is complete.
  • October LFN Technical Virtual Conference: Jim Baker Scot Steele 5 Min
  • LFN / GSMA: Jim Baker (LFN)/Tom Van Pelt (GSMA) -  5 min
    • Jim Baker  Heather Kirksey
      • ONES this week, consumed most of LFN Staff time
      • GSMA Agreement - Notes from RecordingGSMA working with agreement, Timing of final is not clearly defined yet
      • Documents regarding LF Edge relationship in process as well
    • Tom Van Pelt
      • Documents in progressImpact of Meld may cause
      • 2nd OITF Meeting (Will add notes from recording later- Walter Kozlowski  Excellent meeting, some constructive criticism, discussion on document storage, also discussion regarding on Security projects. 
  • Technology Topics, Scott Steinbrueck (AT&T) - 8 min
    • Baraque is delivered
    • Elbrus is the next release.  -  
    • Survey for SDN via email Ahmed El Sawaf
    • GSMA/OITF presents presents to GSMA Networking group Plenary on  
    • UPDATE: GSMA project Operator Platform Group engagement with CNTT Ahmed El Sawaf 
    • ODIM Project technical meetings - Joint session scheduled to discuss how projects can work together.
  • CIRV – OPNFV:  Fu Qiao (CM) 5 min
    • Ongoing release work, not
  • Marketing/Metrics/Adoption: Nick Chase (Mirantis), Toshi Wakayama (KDDI), Bob Monkman (Intel) - 5 Min
    • Blog Post for Bara Baraque - Scot SteeleBeth and Scot to Blog
      MWC ??Cohen will develop and publish based on feedback form
  • Cross-Community Coordinator: Phil Robb (Ericsson), Jim Baker (LFN) - 2 Min
    • Tip meeting - not ready to engage in Virt Tech conference until January
  • Meld CNTT/OPNFV Initiative Status Scot Steele (AT&T) Jim Baker (LFN)- 20 min
    • OC meeting will be scheduled in the 30 Min after
    • Marketing -Excellent progress - Vision Board
    • Gov/Org - Working on top level Org Structure
    • Ops/TSC - Dates Being established