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Agenda and Minutes

    • OPNFV Release meeting
      titleIN PROGRESS
    • "Meld Zone" participation Scot Steele 
      titleIN PROGRESS

      • Attendance requested by TSC Chair and WSLs (all attendance is appreciated) – contact Scot Steele
      • Main committee and working teams
      • Working on charter, timelines
      • Wiki link Meld Zone
      • Signup  Technical Debt Operational/TSC Home
    • GSMA Task ForceWalter Kozlowski  
      titleIN PROGRESS
      • Kickoff on – TSC update on  
        • OITF is formal subgroup under GSMA networking
          • Chair and Editor selection in progress (current = Tom Van Pelt)
        • CNTT will continue to own and operate RM, GSMA will only store as PRFPRD
          • PRF PRD (Permanent Reference Document) is the GSMA mechanism for storing the RM
        • Future alignment between CNTT / GSMA >>> consider as a part of Meld / Release Planning
      • Background info

        titleClick here to expand for additional background...
        • OITF = Open Infrastructure Task Force
        • Created by GSMA, kicked off in the past few months
        • Purpose is to help maintain RM in the context of GSMA
        • Mid-Late September is the target for handover of RM docs to GSMA
          • Contents will remain in CNTT (no intent to move content)
          • This is a release/version alignment between LFN/CNTT and GSMA for publishing purpose
        • Benefit:  Oct 2020 - GMSA Network Plenary mtg, attended by 100-200 people; opportunity to discuss and bring visibility to RM.

    • ( MMA / Scot Steele )  
      titleIN PROGRESS
      • Meeting with Packet, CNTT TSC, OPNFV TSC on  
      • Packet is already working with CNCF,
      • Packet is interested in collaborating with CNTT; Scot's proposal is to coordinate a mtg with WSL's and Packet to explore further
      • Consider bringing Packet to TSC Meeting at a future meeting ~ September
      • Jim Baker says to consider LFN-budget implications, consolidated view (to be discussed in the upcoming "Transition" series)
    • 2021 Input for Budget (Jim Baker)
  • Technical Steering Topics
    • Release Status - Baraque
      • To the WSLs:  ~ 3 work days remaining until M3 Freeze (end of day UTC).  Please manage the Pull Requests and Issues accordingly.
      • M4 to complete at end of day UTC
      • Scott Steinbrueck Create TSC Issue to notify and bring closure of PRs
      • M3 PR List:  15 open PRs (link)

      • Release Highlights Baraque Release Highlights
    • Next Release - To be named
    • Scott Steinbrueck will be preparing the next release:  Milestone dates, Scope List (and sync schedule/plans with OPNFV where applicable)
    • TSC outstanding issues
      • Issue #1842 "[TSC] Create common CI/CD for workloads" (containers)
        • In progress, pending previous survey closure
        • Maybe a Survey
        • Consider – is this about the format of package (eg, helm charts), the automated transport of packages (ci/cd) from suppliers to operators (what about when there are multiple suppliers to one operator; what about consistency for suppliers to offer a single package to multiple operator ecosystems)
        • Consider open-source projects to help align
      • Issue #1874"[Tech Steering] To what level do we go to ensure 'consistency'"
        • Open for comment
    • Updates from WSL's (critical Github or other issues / inform as needed)
      • Updates shown below
      • No issues raised
      • RM, Edge
      • 1-stream:  RA-1, RI-1, RC-1
      • 2-stream:  RA-2, RI-2, RC-2
    • Updates from Officers Items
      • Updates shown below
      • No issues raised
      • Chief Technical Editor
      • ONAP Technical Coordinator
      • OPNFV Technical Coordinator
      • CNCF Technical Coordinator
      • CVC Technical Coordinator
      • Automation and Tooling
      • ONF: Open Networking Foundation
      • ETSI
      • LFN EUAG
      • TIP
      • ODIM

Attendance Screenshot

12:30 UTC