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  1. CIRV
    1. IPMI requirment collection for HDV – Chen Liang
      1. suggest first build out framework using an environment in China Mobile. Lab owners can try that out afterwards by input the exact IPMI commond of servers in their own labs.
  2. RC WS
    1. tracibility matrix updates – Scott
      1. Key issues in RA are fixed
      2. RA1 chp2 is a summary of RA1 chp5, master table stays in wiki page, will create pull requrest in RA1 chp2
      3. the RC team can delete the tracibility matrix which commented out in last release. And are suggested to reference to RA1 chp02 for requirement details
      4. Cedric suggests something put into RA1 should be agreed in RI1 and RC1, suggestion is any change in RA1 chp02 should be approved by leads in RI and RC
    2. PR - Trevor
      1. The RC team agrees:
        1. only have the conformance in RC, cover must requirements
        2. suggest that should/may requirement can be cover in RI
      2. Al suggests must requirments not covered by functest now should also make sure to provide quanlitative result and output
      3. Trevor will help modify the PR according to discussion today
  3. RI WS