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Agenda and Minutes:

  • Agenda Bashing
  • Performance vs Benchmarking
      • Agreement in April vF2F was to ensure RA2 includes all CNF requirements - e.g. cloud nativeness, which abstractions to use/expect, etc. - #1496 has been raised to address this.
      • Consider ONAP as a method for deploying CNFs, rather than a source of requirements for RC2 (i.e. if OVP2.0 wants to take ONAP requirements they do so from ONAP, not from RC2).
      • Re. Performance Testing / Benchmarking, we should take the route of identifying the performance tests we want to run, feed into RA2 requirements/specification and potentially also Reference Model compute flavors.
        • Also note, OPNFV VSPERF project is looking at taking benchmark standards, applying to containerised workloads.
  • Sharing work between RC1 and RC2
  • Chapter Structure
    • Any volunteers for seeding initial content?
  • AOB
    • Can we consider extending the meeting to an hour, there is a lot of discussion to be had in these early stages

Action Items

Tom Kivlin to check with Bill Mulligan about extending the meeting duration.

Meeting Recording

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