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Agenda and Minutes:

  • Walk-in Items
    • June vConference - RI2 sessions?
      • Maybe a joint session with OPNFV about leveraging Pharos lab?
      • Joint work session, half overview, half going through issues/roadmap/planning
      • Proposal submission due Jun 3rd - discuss potential CNTT/OPNFV joint topics
    • LFN Webinars - any topics / presenters?
  • Review previous action items:
    • Everyone think about June vConf and potential sessions for RI2
  • Project review:
  • Bare metal provisioning of RI2 review 
    • Get something up and running in the OPNFV labs?
    • we need pre provisioned nodes so it becomes a two step process
    • Reuse OPNV ansible playbooks to provision host OS
    • is there interest in relaunching XCI?
  • AOB
    • Branch/release process: if we are creating PRs for new/improved content, we will label as On Hold until after the Baldy release takes place (new "Baldy" branch will get created). Bug fixes/typos/etc. PRs can be created but use the label "Bug" to identify it can be merged pre-release.
    • Baraque release planning: CNTT Baraque#ReferenceImplementation2

Action Items: