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The session is the critical last step. If you have advertised and planned well, the following recommendations should simple to execute:

  • Sessions can should be recorded and transcribed. It is highly recommended. The Bridge Host is responsible for managing the recording.
    • As part of the opening, The moderator or presenter should advise the attendees of the recording.
  • Moderators and presenters would together to keep the session on track, yet still allow for flexibility to support collaboration.
  • Session schedule should allow for attendees to get to the next session they want to attend. please consider building a few minutes at the end to allow for this.
  • If more time is required for the session discussion, schedule and use one of the “hallway” Zoom meetings.
    • A schedule page will be available for you to allocate additional time in the hallway bridges.
    • Please be respectful of time already schedule for the hallway bridges