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Topics (w/Notes)

  • Anti-Trust Policies:
  • Walk-on Items
  • Virtual Conference 6/22-25: Scot Steele (AT&T), Jim Baker (LFN) - 5 min
  • CNTT - New Name proposal "Cloud iNfrastructure Telco Taskforce" (Acronym stays the same) Brian Bearden/All - 5 min
    • Accepted/Approved
    • Action item: Workstream leads to coordinate change in documents
    • Action Item: Brian/Scot to review Wiki
    • Action Item: Heather to look into LFN marketing 
  • CNTT - Future mode Brian Bearden/All - 15 min
    • Two proposals
      • Work integrates into OPNFV
      • CNTT becomes a project
    • There is no IP issue that requires immediate decision
    • Work must continue for now
    • There is agreement that the need CNTT work products will not go away.
    • Much discussion, several opinions supporting each of the proposals, dialog can be heard on recording.
    • Action Item: Scot Steele to lead effort to collect information,analyze scenarios, and drive a recommendation to the LFN Board.
  • Field Trail updates Scot Steele (AT&T), Nick Chase (Mirantis) -5 min
    • Data Privacy Policy - Review
    • UNH Labs are available
    • ETSI Plugtest - Working on securing space
  • LFN / GSMA: Jim Baker (LFN)/Tom Van Pelt (GSMA)5 min
  • Technology Topics Rabi Abdel (VF)/ Walter Kozlowski (Telstra) 10 min
  • CIRV – OPNFV:  Fu Qiao (CM) 5 min
  • Governance Officers Items: 10 min
    • Governance Steering (Brian Bearden)
    • Marketing/Recruitment: Nick Chase (Mirantis), Toshi Wakayama (KDDI), Bob Monkman (Intel)
      • Marketing plan for Baldy - reduced scope base on MAC meeting, Nick looking for uspport on things like blog posts etc.
      • Whitepaper - waiting for first draft
    • Adoption: Rabi Abdel (Vodafone), Beth Cohen (Verizon), Brian Bearden (AT&T)
    • Business Metrics:  Jonne Soininen (Nokia), Joanna Newman (VF)
    • Cross-Community Coordinator: Phil Robb (Ericsson), Jim Baker (LFN)