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  1. Checking with action point from last week:
    1. fuqiao will take the action to check the status for all the committers and the formal process to update the list
    2. need to check with the intel team if redfish support in the POD, need to check intel RMM module is support in the servers in the POD, Trevor will help to find out
      1. Intel pod do not support redfish for now.
      2. Cedric suggest to use testdb, also can check with Aric if LF POD support redfish. 
      3. IPMI based solution need to work out
    3. About the python issue with CIRV HDV and SDV repo, Cedric can help create a python packet to fix 
      1. need to create seperate repo for HDV and SDV
    4. Lincoln and Cedric  will bring to the next OPNFV TSC the progress of CNTT RC, dovetail web portal, Xtesting, and call for action for other testing project to port in Xtesting and explain the necessity. 
      1. TSC on Mar.24 review the matrix and explain all the test cases wrapped up with Xtesting
  2. New contributor introduction –  Prabhu Balan (Vodafone) 
    1. Mike F assigned Prabhu 5 issues
  3. CIRV project 
    1. PTL nomination and election
      1. send email to committer list for nomination, self nomination is ok – Action Point fuqiao
    2. call for internship
      1. OPNFV internship for 2 interns for SDV and 1 for HDV
      2. May. 1st is the deadline for application
      3. will announce result in mid May
    3. requirement and test case matrix:
      1. the team decided that we will fix with the current list of requirement of this matrix. Al helps to go through the testability, Cedric will help check the testability of functest, and will see how many test cases we need to bring back alive from OPNFV
  4. RC WS
    1. two PR waiting for review
      1. Action Point: Fuqiao and Cedric will review the following PR and provide next step  
    2. Hallasan release goal   CNTT HallasanBaraque

If time permitted, we will continue the following discussion