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Target AudienceAbstractNotes

Sunday, March 25
    • Cross Campus

800 Wilshire Blvd

Los Angeles, CA  90017

Walking directions

9:00-9:05WelcomeAbhijit Kumbhare, Casey Cain

9:05-10:00New OpenDaylight Release ModelDaniel Farrell, Jamo Luhrsen, Luis Gomez, Sam Hague, An Ho, Anil Vishnoi
Learn about the new release model OpenDaylight will move to in Fluorene.
10:00-10:15AM Break

10:15-11:00Nitrogen/Oxygen release lessons, future approachesStephen Kitt, Michael Vorburger
Oxygen saw yet another transition, the odlparent 3 / yangtools 2 migration, which proved more painful than anticipated. This session will attempt to go over the lessons we need to learn, and discuss possible avenues for improvement.
11:00-11:45Tools for evolving ODLLuis Gomez

It is clear ODL is evolving, changes in the release process like upstream & downstream projects releasing out of SR require new tools to effectively handle CI/CD in such conditions. I would expect this to be a brainstorm session and ideally evaluate the effort for building such tools.


Recommending Mas Malo (menu) for lunch. This is also being recommended to the XCI OPNFV Group. Link to Google Directions
1:00-23:1500NetVirt Project Planning

Sam Hague

Discussion around new features for Flourine.
3:00-3:10PM Break

3:102:15-3:0050Status update on Neutron(OpenStack and ODL)Isaku Yamahata
This session discusses/introduces planned changed in ODL Neutron and updated on openstack networkinng-odl changes. l3 flavor is described in detail.
3:00-3:30PM Break3:3050-4:15COE project planning

Prem Sankar G, Faseela K

Discussion around new features for Fluorine
4:15-4:45Round Table Discussion on top issues facing OpenDaylight & miscellaneous topicsAbhijit Kumbhare & everyone else
Discussion on what the community thinks are the top issues of ODL. Also miscellaneous topics like infra,, etc.

Monday, March 26Room: Echo Park (Containers) 

1:00-2:00Kernel project planning

Stephen Kitt

Discussion of features planned for Fluorine in kernel projects.
2:00-3:00What utilities are available to you from project infrautilsMichael Vorburger
We'll take a closer look at the various technical platform features available from project infrautils, what's in, what's new and what's coming: ready, caches, jobcoordinator, diagstatus, inject, testutils, itestutils, other utils incl. concurrent, parent incl. error-prone & modernizer-maven-plugin, metrics, odl.simple, tracing.
3:00-3:30PM Break

3:30-4:15Introduction and demo of the infrautils.metrics API and its implementations, incl. support for from the CNCFMichael Vorburger
The ODL infrautils project proposes a new API to expose metrics from ODL SDN applications. This API is currently in the process of being adopted accross the genius and netvirt projects, and could be of interest and used by other ODL projects as well. The infrautils.metrics API currently already has 2 implementations available (and more could be written). The first one uses a built-in Codehale's Dropwizard Metrics library and exposes metrics via JMX and can dump metrics to local files at regular intervals. The second one offers up metrics over HTTP to an external metrics server scraping from ODL, and can do all sorts of interesting things... (Prometheus is one of the projects of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation A 3rd implementation supporting OpenStack Ceilometer from contributors would be interesting.
4:15-5:00OpenDaylight Performance and Scale Considerations in OpenStack

Sai Sindhur Malleni

Sridhar Gaddam

Aswin Suryanarayanan

We will go over some of the performance and scale testing that has been done in the previous releases and touch upon items that need attention from the developers in this release. Scale, stability and performance of networking-odl and ODL will be the main focus of this talk. We will also try to arrive at a plan for identifying performance and scale issues pre-emptively.
5:00-5:55ODL SW Quality metricsBrady Johnson, Tom Pantelis, Ryan GouldingMainly ODL developersI would like to discuss starting to collect automated ODL Software Quality metrics from areas like findbugs, checkstyle, and Sonar. For the Fluorine release, I would like to just start collecting these metrics, and starting in the Neon release, these metrics should be a part of the Managed release process.

Tuesday, March 27

Room: Echo Park

9:00-10:00Pragmatic Upgrades of OpenDaylight by "full journal replay" from OpenStack NeutronJosh Hershberg, Michael VorburgerEveryoneWe'll describe how we are going about addressing both minor & major upgrades of ODL.
10:00-10:15AM Break

10:15-11:15ODL distribution tutorialLuis Gomez
To those interested in learning how the distribution gets assembled in ODL, how to do regular operations like add/remove project from distribution and how to troubleshoot typical issues: distribution build failure, SFT memory problems, etc.