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Meeting Logistics: 

Attendee List:

  1. Qiao Fu (china Mobile)
  2. Michael Fix (AT&T)
  3. Rajamani Rajesh (Spirent)
  4. Georg Kunz (Ericsson)
  5. Jim Baker (LF)
  6. Sridhar Rao (Spirent)
  7. Saad Ullah Sheikh (STC)
  8. Liang Chen (China Mobile)
  9. Al Morton (AT&T)
  10. Deepanshu Bhatia (VoerEir)
  11. Daniel Balsiger (Swisscom)
  12. Jiaqiang Zhang (China Mobile)
  13. Pierre Lynch (Keysight)
  14. Rihab Banday (Ericsson)

Goals of Meeting

  1. Status
    1. New Repos
    2. Labs & Next Steps (POD10/15)
    3. HDV
    4. Manifest Validation
  2. Review April Release Deliverables - Build Volunteer List
  3. Review open PRs (PARTIALLY COVERED)
  4. AOB
    1. Review Gov Slide (NOT COVERED)
    2. Spirent Repo - integrating testing


  1. Status
    1. New CIRV repos
      1. CIRV:
      2. CIRV_Spirent: 
        1. Want to add NFVI and VIM test cases
        2. Has a test agent - wants to understand if we can link/sync to Xtesting (sync w/ Cedric, and provide link)
      3. Trevor/Luc - repo is available to move perf profiling tooling to CIRV.
    2. Labs & Next Steps (POD10/15)
      1. Prior status:  Issue 586 fixed.  Status of CI/CD re-run? 
      2. Notes: 
        1. Report - issue resolved.  Need confirmation of results of rerun. → Mike to check with Cedric.
        2. Want to bring OVS-DPDK to this POD (15).  End of this week, next week. Sridhar will open ticket and add.
        3. Success - access to jump box and 21,23-25 nodes.  Success running Functest.   Any else to assist.
    3. HDV - finalize schema, build prototype
      1. Prior status: Qiao Fu  to reach out to Chenliang and Jiaqiang's to ensure PR 944 contains the requirement info from HDV wiki
      2. Current progress: Discussed with Chenliang, a new HDV requirement description chapter should first be added, then the DF can update to include the hardware data accordingly. Fu qiao has create the index of the new chapter in PR Suggest to merge this PR first for the index changing. Chen liang will create a new PR to add requirement of hardware delivery in the new chapter 5 
      3. Notes:
        1. Reviewed & will approve PR 1022 by EOW.
        2. Daniel is providing an overview on Monday.
    4. Manifest Validation - finalize schema
      1. Prior status:I Sridhar Rao created initial set of aspects (configuration) to validate as part of manifest (S/W) validation.
      2. Next steps: 

        1. Add the table on ‘Connectivity’ Checking into it.

        2. James Gu - review for changes 

        3. Prototype after the review

  2. Review April Deliverables
    1. Candidate ListCNTT Baldy - Volunteers? 
    2. RI Goals:
      1. By EOW - correlate open issues and current chapters authors to these, align on understanding