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  1. Qiao Fu (china Mobile)
  2. Michael Fix (AT&T)
  3. Mark Shostak (AT&T)
  4. Mark Beierl (VMware)
  5. Rajamani Rajesh (Spirent)
  6. Scott Steinbrueck (AT&T)
  7. Georg Kunz (Ericsson)
  8. Jim Baker (LFN)
  9. Jiaqiang Zhang (China Mobile)
  10. Daniel Balsiger (Swisscom)
  11. Pierre Lynch (Keysight)
  12. Lei Huang (China Mobile)
  13. Liang Chen (China Mobile)
  14. Al Morton (AT&T)
  15. Cedric Ollivier (Orange)
  16. Lincoln Lavoie (UNH-IOL)
  17. Rabi Abdel (Vodafone)

Goals of Meeting

  1. Prague - WIP slides RI and RC
    1. Previewed slides for RI and RC
      1. Mark and Cedric to review content for Cookbook for RI
      2. Mike sent Cedric, Rajesh, and Georg, RC slides and asked for peer review, especially slide 5 (Content progress) 
  2. Status from Lead & Authors (e.g. POD15)
    1. POD15
      1. 1/6 - PXE boot problem fixed - the port  on the switch the pxe NIC  was plugged into was not on the correct VLAN  - untagged was 150 when it should have been 151; fixed and restated the server and now it is pxe from the airship maas server
      2. 1/7 - software deployed successfully, pod-15 manifest merged in opnfv-airship repo
      3. 1/7 - Compliance (test) Validations failed, due to L3 network config issue fixed - basically, public-network creation (which was added as part of the deployment) was done only for pod-17. Now, it's been added it for all the pods (10, 15 and 17).
      4. 1/8 - Compliance validations retriggered - awaiting results. 
  3. Status on MVP Deliverable
  4. Sync on:
    1. Last day for Snezka merge 1/10
    2. Review LFN schedule:
    3. Lincoln (H/W validations)
      1. Lincoln has what he needs for H/W Validation Plug Fest Conversation
    4. Sridhar (Manifest Validations)
      1. Sridhar put together slides for Manifest Validation for Plug Fest Conversation
      2. Jim made aware that Sridhar should be the host/facilitator of the discussion