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  1. Michael Fix (AT&T)
  2. Mark Beierl (VMware)
  3. Qiao Fu (China Mobile)
  4. Daniel Balsiger (Swisscom)
  5. Jim Baker  (LF)
  6. Jiaqiang Zhang (China Mobile)
  7.  Georg Kunz (Ericsson)
  8. Cedric Ollivier (Orange)
  9. Liang Chen (China Mobile)
  10. Shiby Parayil (IConnectiv)
  11. Deepanshu Bhatia (VoerEir)
  12. Liang Chen (China Mobile)

Goals of Meeting:

  1. Remaining Meeting Coverage
  2. Prague Deliverables (owners)
  3. Status from Lead & Authors (e.g. POD15)
  4. AOB - shared this link as a centralized issues list to make reviewing status easier


  • Remaining Meeting Coverage

    DatePurposeHostWho is hereComment
    12/18RI RC CombinedFu Qiao, MikeHosts areMike off 12/18-1/1, return 1/2, but will host
    12/25Move call to 12/23Fu QiaoFu Qiao and China MobileRajesh out 12/25-1/1, Mike off per above, Shiby OoO 12/23-12/30
    1/1Move call to 12/30 Fu QiaoFu QiaoSee above for Rajesh and Mike
    1/8RI RC CombinedFu Qiao, Mikehosts areRoutine, business as usual

    • Fu Qiao will host both RI and RC meetings for 12/23 and 12/30.
    • Agendas will remain static, with same deliverables.
    • Teams will continue to drive closure to content, GitHub Issues, and Prague Deliverables.

  • Prague Deliverables 
    • RI
      • Content for:
        • Lab Requirements (Rajesh, +topology document, send Mark B a link to Pharos) -
          • Mark B - working on documenting current state of lab
          • Mike Rajesh - requirements shared with Rajeshhas list of requirements, need to share w/ Mark and put in GitHub repo
        • Installer Requirement (Chen Liang) -
          • Working on initial Initial content developed
          • Chen is adding more specific things for other vendors productSpend
          • time discussing Chen to send out request asking for feedback on content 
        • NFVI required State (Manik, Sridhar, +Manifest validations) -
          • Neither Manik/Sridhar available for comment
        • Cookbook (Mark B., important) -
          • Mark, Cedric working on the cookbook
          • Chapter 7 will be the cookbook - targeting end of week, beginning of next weekDo
            • Work with Sridhar on installer steps
              • Sections 2-4 Mark, Section 5 Fu Qiao, Section 6 Sridhar, Remaining Sections 7-10 Cedric
            • Mark work with Sridhar, Cedric, and Fu Qiao to open a PR and add missing content
            • Cedric to check with Sridhar to see if we leverage XTesting based container for AirShip deployments (check with Sridhara goal,. but confirm if feasible)
        • Implementation side:
      • RC
    • Status 
      • RI
        • Cookbook progress
          • (Cedric/Mark) Started documentation, will put on wiki, will create and complete by 12/23-12/24; will include list of parameters and cookbook by 12/23
        • POD Status
          • Neither Sridhar, nor Rajesh, available for comment
          • Latest from ~12/18 (offline email) 
            • pod10 is up and running with current patches
            • pod15 manifest is ready, but
            there were some
            • continue to face h/w issues
            resolved 12/17, so
            • , latest being 1 compute node will not do a PXE boot; ticket opened for help; will proceed with installs and try to complete Tues-Wed
        • Chapter Progress by Authors per recent PRs created
          • Did not get to on call
      • RC
        • Deployment and Compliance Validation (Cedric) 
          • Awaiting install of POD15
            • POD10 deployments & validation issues (question)
            • POD15 deployments & validation issues (question)
        • RM/RA requirements extraction (Rajesh, Sridhar)
          • Rajesh / Sridhar pulling together, along with support from Deepanshu to identify Ocate>Pike>Stein differences; captured in MVPs and open issues
        • Chapter Progress by Authors per recent PRs created
          • Did not get to on call