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  • Agenda Bashing
      • UNH Lab Requirements.
        • PR approved and merged.
      • Tom Project Management Proposal.
        • Feature will be enabled on GitHub and WSL will be able to use it.
        • it is now installed.
      • Mark S proposals for contribution guidelines.
        • Resolve to be done only as per Mark S proposal.
        • Don't use force push command, instead create new commit for new changes.
          • Figure out if GitHub can consolidate all commits into a single one once merged (to make it easier for those who use Git History for reviewing process).
          • test to see if it doesn't impact PR history.
        • PR is created for this:
    • Asia Meeting time doodle poll:
  • Logistics:
    • Reverse Turning on "Reset Reviewers on new commit"
      • proposal to put it back to off until we have a stable code/doc base.
  • WorkStreams status:
  • Gaps and Concerns.
  • AOB