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Meeting Agenda & Minutes

  • Agenda Bashing
  • Antitrust Policy:
  • RA-1 Core Status Report  Ian Gardner
    • Open Issues & Status
    • Pankaj Goyal provided update on Chapter 2 (Requirements) - Issues 266 314 339 435 - please review them!  He will merge into a single PR and hold a meeting with all contributors involved.
    • Ian Gardner provided update that Chapter 3+ Chapter 4 will be restructured.  Meeting took place today  (see minutes) with just Karine, Pankaj and Ian.  Follow up planned for  
    • Will review other open issues and status next time following restructure.   Work will be done in Word and then merged into github.
  • RA-1 Ops Status Report Karine Sevilla
    • Open Issues & Status
    • Chapter 5 - encourages people to submit PR if they have further content
    • Chapter 6 (Security) - having some issues adding Damian to issue will contact.    Working with Michael Bustamenteon content.
    • Chapter 7 (Ops + Life Cycle) - one issue and one pull request ongoing.  Proposed TOC and one issue from Pankaj Goyal- please others should review or contact Karine directly.
  • RA-1 Dev Status Report Sukhdev Kapur
    • Open Issues & Status
    • No update to last time
  • AOB