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  • The LFN portfolio strategy proposal to GB
    • Providing guidance on setting the yearly budget
    • Strategy on direction of LFN in general including potential new markets
  • Communicating strategic guidance to the LFN projects based on the GB's approved LFN strategy
  • Communication strategic guidance to the TAC based on the GB's approved LFN strategy
  • Reports to the GB on the LFN portfolio performance according to LFN strategy
  • Escalating project challenges and issues to the GB
  • Examples of deliverable include but ate not are not limited to:
    • Short-term and long-term strategy for the project
    • Key priorities, timelines and KPIs for the projects
    • Dependencies of the project on other LFN projects and any need for tighter alignment between the projects
      Project playbooks which are created together with the TSC and the SPC
      Project playbooks that are combined together to an LFN playbook
      SPC proposes the LFN strategic playbook for board approval