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Community Attendees:

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  • Presentation by Lingli Deng - Please upload slides →
    • Is the Open AI Platform open to the public? Yes, it is publicly accessible, although the portal is in Chinese only
    • Platform link -
    • Can the Thoth project access the open AI platform data? In theory, yes. China Mobile contributed a data set to Thoth two years ago, and now there are additional data sets
    • Hui Deng - It could be beneficial to create an hardware abstraction layer that will enable using different types of hardware for the open AI platform. Lingli Deng - that could be considered
    • Muddasar Ahmed - Was OPEX savings a driver in prioritizing the use cases? Lingli Deng - Yes, this was a consideration, practically this was not where work started, but it is interesting
  • Follow up on Thoth/Data anonymization -
Rohith R
  • Rohit Singh Rathaur  
    • Seeking input on Anonymization rules
    • Call for contribution - GPU resources, interns, participation in advisory board, private data sets, testing
    • GPU and interns are the most critical right now
    • Kenny Paul - Can Anuket's lab-as-a-service be used as hardware?
Rohith R
  • Use case prioritization matrix presented by Muddasar Ahmed 
    • Lingli Deng - Another column should be added to the matrix to indicate whether data sets are available. Additional implementation oriented columns.
    • Lingli Deng - Another table for generally re-useable AI capabilities should be added to solicit interest from AI capability contributors
    • Table was added to - everybody please comment