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Get a Linux Foundation Identity (LFID)

(Already have an LFID from a different project? You are good to go, just use the one you have to login to the ONAP wiki or other tools)

Most of the information on this wiki is viewable as an anonymous user, however an LFID is needed to access some content areas and it is ultimately required if you will be contributing to the project in any way.  
Not only is an LFID is you passport to ONAP, it is also used by LFN Communities and dozens of other Projects from all areas of the Linux Foundation.   

To obtain an LFID go to the Linux Foundation Portal, select the option to create a new account, and complete the form.  Note that an LFID must be Linux user name compliant, meaning no space or underscores
Please get an LFID first, even if you only plan to passively browse content as it will save you (and potentially our IT team) headaches in the future.

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