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Daniel Havey Microsoft
Santhosh Fernandes Walmart
Dhivya R Walmart
Charles Liu Walmart
Binoj Rajan Microsoft

LF Staff: LJ Illuzzi 


  • Events
  • AOB
  • General Topics (cover as needed)
    • Use Cases

    • Roadmap

    • Project structure

      • Governance

      • Technical Steering Committee


Action Items

  •  Dhivya R Release Management Plan- add milestones for testing, documentation, package. What else is needed from a delivery standpoint?
  •  White paper for eBPF summit before the closing dates
  •  Santhosh Fernandes Explore other OTLP protocol support in l3afd and share in next meeting.
  •  Santhosh Fernandes Update description of issue 223 unit testing (Rx),  249 End-to-End update R2
  •  Add upload action to eBPF package repository builds

Future Agenda Items