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Project State

State Summary

CandidateProjects looking to integrate with the LFN umbrella of projects may be inducted at any lifecycle state, provided it meets The Linux Foundation's proven best practices for success. 
SandboxThe Sandbox stage is designed to provide a lightweight entry process for new projects that align with the LFN mission and meet the  It is ideal for early-stage projects that require time to explore their community, governance, and technical roadmap.  Project proposals should meet the
IncubationThe project meets all the prerequisites for the Sandbox stage. Furthermore, the Incubation stage is intended for projects that have implemented open source best practices, including having a varied contributor base and adhering to open governance principles. Projects at this stage should actively cooperate with other LFN projects, engage in cross-LFN endeavors, or contribute to broadening or reinforcing the LFN's scope.

(TAC Project)

The project has fulfilled the Incubation stage requirements and exhibited project diversity, compliance with open source best practices, and active participation in LFN. Moreover, the project has established a documented release process that has been consistently followed. As a result, the project has progressed to the Graduated TAC Project stage, and now has a voting representative on the TAC.

A project can be Archived if it has received no significant commits within the previous 12 months or if the Project's TSC requests archiving. An Archival Review will be initiated to determine if the project meets the criteria for archiving.

Click here for more details about the Project Review Process


The guidelines presented in the table below are not strict requirements that must be met for each lifecycle stage. Instead, they represent goals and standards that communities should strive to achieve as they progress through the lifecycle stages. Meeting more of these guidelines will increase the likelihood that a proposal for induction or advancement to the next stage will be accepted.