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Participants in this group are expected to be specialists in the areas of AI and  ML, specifically to help LFN define a strategy around the following:

  • Applications/AI Use Cases in Networking - The new functionality that is made available using AI
  • Networking Domain Specific AI Models - What requirements / datasets are unique to the networking vertical

  • Network Infrastructure for AI - The network itself and the data it provides and/or acts upon from the above layers (Open Source Projects + Vendor solutions+ Domain Data)

Coming out of the special Aug 23, 2023 GB meeting on AI strategy the SPC took up the topic on how to help drive this.  The decision was made that the most suitable place for this would be as a taskforce under the purview of the TAC.

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  • This group is self-organized 

  • Meetings - occur bi-weekly on Wednesday with one meeting at a US/EMEA-friendly timeslot of Wednesday15:00 UTC, and the next meeting at an APAC-friendly timeslot of 02:00 UTC. Note, the 02:00 UTC meeting may occur on a Tuesday evening depending on your time-zone.

Community members are encouraged to attend both meetings as meetings do not have repeat agendas and fresh material is covered at each meeting.

Community Use Cases & Assets

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nameLFN AI Taskforce Call For Participation.pptx.pdf

Community Experts:

Name (use @macro)Area of expertise / interest What would you like to work on? (E.g., Datasets, models, use cases,...)

AI for Cloud-native Security & NetworkingPublic datasets, use cases relating to network security
Broad (not so deep) AI knowledge, foundation modelsUse cases, but also interested in datasets
AI/ML modelling, network automation use cases, LLMsUse cases, datasets
TME AI Usecase to Model Mapping, Initial Data Engineering and Model Fittings per usecasesusecase.Interested in doing real world work (data engineering, model build-up/fitting, training optimizations etc). Such as our recent works with notebooks available at GitHub-Repo and Pre-Trained Models and Datasets can be reached at HuggingFace

Pending Action Items:

Task report