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This page is now draft release schedule for 2023. Initial time plan will be created.

EventDatesRelative DatesStart Relative DatesDescription
Release Start2023-07-11Start DateStart Date

Declare Intention.

For new project:

  1. Submit a new project proposal following the steps on Project Proposals. Contents about "Release Planning & Release Notes" is required.
  2.  Review candidate features in Projects page and clarify the whether the features new project wants to deliver is within the list or out of the list.
  3. Review delivered features of Approved Projects to avoid duplication.

For existing project:

  1. Update "Release Planning & Release Notes" section in your project page by adding features to be delivered in new release on the section top.
Initial Checkpoint2023-07-25Start Date + 2 WeeksStart Date + 2 Weeks

Initial Checkpoint.

  1. All Projects must have completed project proposal or new release plan.
  2. All projects' PTL should send email to get rlease plan publicly reviewed.
  3. PTLs of new projects will be invited to TSC meetings for project introduction. TSC will vote for new project approval.

Integrated Projects deadline

2023-08-15Initial Checkpoint + 3 WeeksStart Date + 5 Weeks

Dependency check.

  1. Each project prepares foundamental environment for developing in this release (icluding but not limited to lab, server, software, etc.).
  2. Projects who have reliance on XGVela approved project can clarify the software and environment requriements. Instructions or environment support is recommended to be provide by approved projects team.
Middle Checkpoint2023-10-10Integrated projects deadline + 8 weeksStart Date + 13 WeeksMiddle Checkpoint for progress of all Projects.
Code Freeze2023-11-14Middle checkpoint + 5 WeeksStart Date + 18 WeeksCode freeze for all Projects - cut and lock release branch. 
Final Checkpoint2023-12-12Code Freeze + 4 WeeksStart Date + 22 WeeksFinal Checkpoint for all project. Documentation should be completed before final checkpoint.
Formal Release2023-12-26Final checkpoint + 2 WeeksStart Date + 24 WeeksFormal Release for XGVela.