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  • ONAP Requirements Subcommittee has asked for some template work to align input
  • <slides from Lei Huang>Proposal for CSP Priorities for ONAP - v3.pptx
  • Gap in the process exists
  • Atul Purohit reminds folks that not all members of the EUAG are participants or even members of LFN not everyone sees what is going on behind the scenes.
  • for ONAP the Requirements Subc will be presenting the input to the ONAP TSC - potential exists for this model to be propagated to other LFN Projects
  • Javier Ger the level of requirements detail from the EUAG is much higher level than the details needed in Jira ticket
    • We can compare our input for the Guilin release to compare to what format the ONAP Requirements Subc would like to see 


  •  Atul Purohit upload the white paper proposal to these minutes 
  •  Jim Baker Create a survey for determining the 5G white paper topic with results by  
  •  Lei Huang upload the requirements process slides to these minutes  
  •  Jim Baker  Will communicate the outreach activities to the EUAG before