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  • Scot Steele CNTT is in a pivotal situation.  Would like to proceed with an event that was aligned with the original event timing. +1 Beth Cohen
  • Heather Kirksey asks the TAC members to please go in and edit LF Member Company Events Travel Policy 
    • Frank Brockners  notes that some of that information may be considered company confidential
  • WHO daily reports
  • April event-
    • CNTT, OPNFV and ONAP are interested in retaining an event is some fashion. ODL will confirm participation by next week (currently anticipate to participate only in the June event).
    • Heather Kirksey We would like to try to keep to our original schedule if possible.
    • ONAP preference is 3 hours per day,  for 3 days, held between 13:00 UTC and 16:00 UTC on April 21, 22 & 23
    • CNTT preference 11:00 UTC to 15:00 UTC April 21, 11:00 to 16:00 on April 22, 11:00 UTC to 17:30 on April 23
  • Possible options
    • Keep to the original schedule and meet during the same time zone for the event.
    • Because the event would be virtual we would need to spread the time out - Prefer this approach, but it will not be ideal, but I think more people will be able to attend.
    • 3-4 days for 4 hours each day.
    • Alternatively have some 1 hour long meetings spread out over 1 week.
    • Beth Cohen Need to be VERY focused on what the sessions will cover.  Leaders have to take a larger role in keeping things on track.
    • Frank Brockners suggest one joint community day 
    • Heather Kirksey Will it be difficult to have an adjusted schedule for some people for an extended time schedule to attend the virtual events?
  • What will the event look like?
    • Zoom sessions can be augmented with IRC for communities that use that
    • Depending on the topic, we may use the webinar feature to have a bit more control over the mic
    • Beth Cohen Suggested that we have at least 2 assigned individuals for ensuring that minutes are properly recorded.
    • Jonathan Beltran suggests "branding" the event differently to set expectations
    • Regular meetings should be canceled during the event.
    • Heather Kirksey suggests a virtual program committee to set the criteria/ground rules/training
    • Scot Steele We believe that we need to get used to more virtual events.
    • Beth Cohen It is cyclical, but yes we do need to get better at virtual events and being creative on how to best keep participants engaged.
    • Al Morton suggest a voluntary forum for hallway conversations.
  • Need to identify the Virtual Event Programming Committee

Action items

  •   Casey Cain Heather Kirkseyto help put together the Program Committee  
  •  Casey Cain to send out a doodle poll to the Program Committee to identify the best meeting time