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Topic Leader(s)

Topic Description

30 min Grzegorz Panek

9:30am ET

The purpose of this session is to introduce the topic of Edge Relocation and how it might be realized using EMCO.

Topic Overview

By Edge Relocation (ER) we refer to the ability to migrate the edge application running in a source Edge Cluster to a target Edge Cluster. Several use-cases require dynamic migration of k8s application due to e.g. end-user mobility or cluster performance degradation. We would like to give an overview on ER issue and present current status of the work done with EMCO to perform migration process. 

Slides & Recording


  • Live Interactive Session

LFN Staff may elect to publish some videos to YouTube.  Please indicate here if you do not want your session to be published to YouTube.


  • Edge Relocation Presentation
  • First Implementation of Edge Relocation using EMCO 
  • Ongoing work and next steps


Action Items