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Topic: Gov/Org TF Kick off
Date: Oct 8, 2020 07:01 Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Meeting Recording:




Scot Steele Heather Kirksey Trevor Cooper Ildiko Vancsa Phil Robb Jonne Soininen Zhiqiang Yu


  • Discuss Organizational Structure options
  • Determine coming week actions items and assignments

Discussion items

Welcome - Agenda Review

 5 MinPOC/Leads for the Task Force
30 minDiscuss Possible Org Structures
  • High level Org Structure Proposal ball Discussion
    • Governance in the org or in LFN?
    • Work intake and Release Management
    • TSC - 1? 2?
    • Marketing in the org or in LFN?

10 minReview task list and determine actions for the coming weekAll


Discussed Items:

  • 1 TSC - Seems to be an agreement (Decision)
  • Marketing Could be part of MAC, or short term part of the New org and cooperative work MAC or a Hydrid Model where participants sit on both community and MAC boards?
    • Important enough it Should be a short term within NewOrg (Decision)
  • Release Mgmt - Sits inside of the TSC, to manage the work flows and ensure progress
  • Work Intake/Vetting - (EUAG?)
    • Vetting important to ensure the NewOrg is targeting industry needs
  • Resource Requirements Matching will replace Arbitrage

Trevor Diagram Review - Capture organizational

Governance is a role, operates as part of the TSC

Bus. Coor. - is it to who do we escalate complicated interlated Questions that feel more about technical/strategy

Role of TSC is ensure Governance of the Projects and work-streams. How do we solve issues that fall beyond that scope? do we elevate the TSC to do more than is does today? The more than technical questions.

Key thing is how to make the difficult decisions

When to Defer?

Lets not forget the TAC, how do we engage with them?

Governance cannot dictate to projects how to operate or technology to use?

model is contribution driven - VM vs Containers example

TAC guidance - is guidance - projects/companies participate at the level they are comfortable with

Resourcing - LFN board can help drive the level of participation.

  • Heather Kirksey Template for project reviews
  • 2 important roles
    • Strategic opinionated
    • day to day consideration of fairness
  • Service Leadership in TSC
    • Different than Servant
    • TSC Groups be able to say no
    • Should we define BP document doc that is it ok to say No
    • Document responsibilities and activites that any Govenance group would have.
    • Reduce the number of "bodies" as a starting point.
  • Document the Expectations and Requirements of TSC so that elections are more informed
    • Identify expertise needed and
  • Support functions
    • important and where do they go?

Action items

  • Confirm Trevor/Scott as the Co-leads
  • Discuss Interium TSC with the Ops/TSC TF
  • Heather Kirksey to develop more robust definitions and thoughts on the interim TSC
  • Scot Steele to send Structure Slide to team
  • Task Force should consider proposal on which OPNFV projects continue/Merge/End, as well as a process to make ongoing decisions.


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