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Strawman NewOrg Structure.pptx




  • Discuss Organizational Structure options
  • Determine coming week actions items and assignments

Discussion items

Welcome - Agenda Review

 5 MinPOC/Leads for the Task Force
30 minDiscuss Possible Org Structures
  • High level Org Structure Proposal ball Discussion
    • Governance in the org or in LFN?
    • Work intake and Release Management
    • TSC - 1? 2?
    • Marketing in the org or in LFN?

10 minReview task list and determine actions for the coming weekAll

Action items

  • Confirm Trevor/Scott as the Co-leads
  • Discuss Interium TSC with the Ops/TSC TF
  • Heather Kirksey to develop more robust definitions and thoughts on the interim TSC
  • Scot Steele to send Structure Slide to team
  • Task Force should consider proposal on which OPNFV projects continue/Merge/End, as well as a process to make ongoing decisions.

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  1. Sorry, Scot, there are more than one invitations for this meeting with different time and zoom ids, so I missed today's meeting. 

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