Topic: Gov/Org TF Kick off
Date: Sep 24, 2020 06:57 Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Meeting Recording:




  • Select POC/Lead
  • Discuss discuss charter development
  • Discuss Organizational Structure options
  • Determine coming week actions items and assignments


Legal and organizational requirements are inter-related and yet distinct.

Legal requirements:

  • Updated charter
    • Name
    • Scope/Mission Statement
    • "Interim" TSC(?)
    • Our charter calls out to other "non-legal" documents for the remainder of governance/ops
  • Updated partnership agreement w/ GSMA
  • A single vote by the existing OPNFV TSC to agree to the updated charter

To make ourselves successful 

  • Roles and responsibilities of TSC members
  • Expectations/eligibility requirements of TSC
  • Election processes
  • Governance at a conceptual and strategic level (e.g., GB, MAC, SPC, TAC touchpoints)
    • Short and long term 
    • Who are we existentially?
    • What is our value?
  • Workstream and project structure – overall org structure and goals
    • This is likely the most defining and important – but isn't a legal matter
  • Other activities that are under the purview of the Operations Task Force (tooling, releases, processes)
  • Best practices
  • Operational Guidelines Document Update (
    • We also have procedures defined in a number of wiki pages, including project lifecycle, election procedures, etc. We may want to look at streamlining this documentation during this process.

Discussion items

Welcome - Agenda Review

POC = Point Of Contact

 10 MinElect a POC/Lead for the Task Force
20 min

Technical Charter Discussion

Heather Kirksey
  • Criteria for charter
    • Charter changes should be minimal - Other documents and decisions are referenced in Charter
    • Interim TSC (time Bounded) to ensure equal voice (7 CNTT, 8 OPNFV)
      • Would revert to elections process at the end of time bound
      • Aim is to support existing groups/workstreams
      • Operations/TSC TF should have input
      • Some form of election to define membership
15 minDiscuss Possible Org StructuresScot Steele

White board session to define high level structure.

Review of Slide with Functional groups/actions - Additions Made

Need to solicit more feed back, Slide to be sent.

Slide needs to address OPNFV Projects - Need to determine if there are projects that can be consolidated.

We need a proposal to determine if consolidation

10 minReview task list and determine actions for the coming weekAllN/A

Action items

  • Confirm Trevor/Scott as the Co-leads
  • Discuss Interium TSC with the Ops/TSC TF
  • Heather Kirksey to develop more robust definitions and thoughts on the interim TSC
  • Scot Steele to send Structure Slide to team
  • Task Force should consider proposal on which OPNFV projects continue/Merge/End, as well as a process to make ongoing decisions.