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The intent of this page to add context and guideance around process management for Demos and 5G Super Blueprint. Question of the charter was discussed, option 1, keep it a POC, Option 2, make it legally binding. Maybe, a middle way... mission, vision, mandate to get us started. A question was raised about architecture and what our deliverables are. In some cases, we've needed to include commercial pieces to round out our scenarios. 

Upstreaming. Upstreaming to the various open source projects is a major output of the demos and 5G Super Blue Print.

Jira has been setup for Demos and 5G Super Blueprint: Jira. It is the intent to use Jira federating as the main mechanism for upstreaming to projects. For projects that don't use Jira (Magma, etc.,) a manual process may have to be used.



The various platforms use different licenses including Apache 2.0 . Need to document licensing standard. Next step, LF legal review

Decision Process

Previous decisions have been made by those who are in attendance of the meeting. Do we want to continue this process or devise another method? Establishing a decision panel implies TSC. Do we want to go down that path? Proposal to engage ONAP For Enterprise Task Force.


Proposal to mimic Arkraino process

Lab Resources

Current labs supporting the 5G Cloud Native Network are Kaloom & UNH-IOL. Going forward, more labs are needed/welcome as hosting options. Call with CENGN took place week of June 7 with an early exploration for this. Servers will be needed that may or may not come from Lab hosts. 5G SBP participants are asked to consider donating servers as needed to initiative.

Proposed Next Steps:

  1. Identify platform versions/Release names & HW requirements for each
  2. Identify boundaries between platforms and any additional HW requirements
  3. Identify needed HW

Platform Version Roadmapping

The 5G Super Blue Print (5G SBP) consists of a wide base of open source platforms. It is proposed to identify platform Versions/Release Names that are to be used for the different phases of the 5G SBP. When identifiying Versions/Release Names of the various platforms we should consider; must have features and functionality, dependancies, nice to have's. We might not need to deploy a whole platform so we need to have a possibility to track versioning per component/artefacts that will be required to support the 5G Super Blueprint use case.


Phase 1:


Version/Release Name



Platform Lead

Comments/Other Considerations







Tungsten Fabric




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  1. Please find some feedback

    • REPO - Similar to the upstreaming concept "repo" should belong to the ONAP source code repositories but we can imagine a centralised hub i.e. Nexus where all the final containers to support the 5G Super blueprint will be uploaded.
    • Decision process: For ONAP - please engage ONAP For Enterprise Task Force - one or more representatives is/are already attending the 5G Super Blueprint
    • Playbook - can you please clarify what you mean by "Playbook" and provide Akraino link - thanks
    • Platform Version Roadmapping - we might not need to deploy a whole platform so we need to have a possibility to track versioning per component/artefacts that will be required to support the 5G Super Blueprint use case.
    • Lab Resources - Can you please provide the procedure to access to the lab ? Thanks

    Another point to consider for Platform versioning/Roadmap or an additional item

    • Platform requirements to deploy each component/platform to support 5G Super Blueprint

    1. I've incorporated your comments onto the page. I asked Amar to help with the blueprint definition and an appropriate example.

      Lab Resources- we can provide access procedure to the current Cloud Native demo labs (UNH and Kaloom) but it may not apply to 5GSBP, as that lab is still TBD.