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Health reviews of LFN Projects are specified in the LFN Project Lifecycle.  

These include: 

  • Quarterly Sandbox Health Reviews
  • Annual Incubation Health Reviews
  • TAC Project Health Reviews

Health reviews are less formal than a review for moving to the next project stage.  There is no pass/fail for health reviews, just a chance to share concerns with the TAC and receive coaching.

Please contact Casey Cain or Jason Hunt to schedule your project for a Project Health Review at an upcoming TAC meeting.

Outline for a Project Review

NOTE: No written materials need to be prepared for a project health review.  Just please review the outline below and come to the TAC meeting prepared to discuss these items.

  1. Community Health: Review LFX Insights for the project.  Key items to review would be the Trends tab, as well as "Top 10 Organizations by Commits"
  2. Cross-community Collaboration: Highlight any work the project has done with other LFN projects or groups outside of LFN
  3. Infrastructure Tooling:  Discuss any challenges or needs with code repositories, CI/CD pipelines, or other infrastructure 
  4. Adoption: Discuss progress in project's adoption, including production implementations
  5. Governance: Discuss health/composition of TSC and other project governance
  6. Open Discussion: 
    1. What’s working well that others should know about?
    2. Where is help needed?
    3. What would you do differently over past year?
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