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Health reviews of LFN Projects are specified in the LFN Project Lifecycle (Archived).  

These include: 

  • Quarterly Sandbox Health Reviews
  • Annual Incubation Health Reviews
  • TAC Project Health Reviews

Health reviews should be less formal than a review for moving to the next project stage.  There is no pass/fail for health reviews, just a chance to share concerns with the TAC and receive coaching.

Instructions for Project Reviews:

(to be done by the project TSC chair or designee)

  1. Work with LFN Staff (Casey Cain) and LFN Technical Program Manager / Community Architect to develop the slides and presentation
  2. Complete the Project Health Review Template (below) with information about your project and post it on this page for TAC Review and Comment
  3. After a 2 week review, present to the TAC for 15 minutes with an additional 15 minutes for Q&A

Tentative Schedule & Presentations

  • Completed
    • OpenDaylight - Slides  
    • OPX (New Project)
  • Upcoming
    • Tungsten Fabric
      • Review Posted for comment  - Confirmed by TSC on  
      • TAC Presentation (30m):  
    • OPNFV
    • ONAP
    • PNDA
      • Review Posted for Comment  
      • TAC Presentation (30m):  
      • Review Posted for Comment  
      • TAC Presentation (30m):  
    • SNAS
      • Review Posted for Comment  
      • TAC Presentation (30m):  
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